Why Choose Our Services

It has never been so easy to take a picture and share your life with your loved ones. Smart phones and social media are almost everywhere.


Like many of an *ahem* certain generation, my father cleaves to his old land-line phone, happily (and stubbornly) disconnected from technology.

As I was talking to him one day, I realized that I’d never sent him one single picture of my two-year-old son. I post pictures and videos of that adorable boy almost daily, but hadn’t thought about my more ‘technologically challenged’ loved ones.

That realization sparked the idea that became SendingYourLove.com.

SendingYourLove.com is dedicated to helping you send your love to anyone in your life who might get more joy from receiving a photo in their mailbox than from email.

Even for the reluctantly connected who finally broke down and got that smart phone, there’s nothing like having something arrive at their house – a picture they can hold in their hand, frame, or put in that old family photo album, next to that black and white of Great-Great Grandma as a toddler (Wow, what a resemblance!). They will feel your love so much more when they have something they can hold in their hand that came special, just from you.

SendingYourLove.com makes it easier than ever to keep your loved ones connected to you. You upload your photos and messages. We print them and mail them off at the interval of your choosing. Don’t have a picture to send that day? We have a supply of stock photos we can send for you.

SendingYourLove.com is great for sending pictures at your subscribed intervals to all of your loved ones who:

  • Live in nursing homes
  • Are deployed overseas with the Armed Forces
  • Are technologically challenged
  • Voluntarily live in a cave (with US Postal Service, of course)
  • Are otherwise not able to be involved in your socially active, photo snapping life